The Last Of Us 2: 10 Believable Plot Theories You Need To Know

9. The Infected Have Evolved

Last of us 2

Based on the very-real ant-based fungal infection, the cordyceps virus turns unfortunate individuals from fearful survivors to blood-lust maniacs. The previous instalment allowed for a disturbing evolution of these fungal nightmares, as the virus spread, eventually leaving them mere vessels to the disease, and skeletal shells encrusted into walls.

With this game stated to take place five years after the events of the first game, it seems players will be nervously sneaking their way through crowds of various iterations of the bubbling bloaters, ravenous runners and jaw-snapping clickers.

In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, Druckmann is quoted vaguely commenting on the impact the environment and time gap between instalments would have on mutations of the infected. From the gameplay released, players have been introduced to a new form of the grotesque bloaters, who chase down their enemies and explode when near, resulting in a cloud of deadly spores.

An evolution of the infected seems inevitable – particularly as most sequels aim to mix up the enemy-types between instalments – and Naughty Dog will likely deliver some terrifying and story-driven version of the infected for players regretfully use their shivs on.


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