The Last Of Us 2: 11 Perfect Theories That'll Blow Your Mind

11. The Mystery Woman In The New Trailer Is Ellie's Mother


Easily the biggest point of debate that followed the latest trailer was whether or not the mysterious woman in the trailer was Ellie's mum, Anna.

Although players know the character died in the days following Ellie's birth, the latest scene could have easily been a flashback or set in the opening years of the outbreak, a long time before Ellie was even conceived.

Naughty Dog are being coy with who the mystery character is, with their Twitter profile blocking out her four-letter name. While it might be too obvious that the woman is Ellie's mother though, it's the conclusion that makes the most sense, as Neil Druckmann has already said that these new characters wouldn't take away from Ellie and Joel's journey, and would no doubt want to keep the story in the family, so to speak.

Some have argued that the character could have been a long-lost sister and set in the present day, but it's almost locked-on to be Anna, because...


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