The Last Of Us 3: 10 Things We DON'T Want To See

Naughty Dog can't please everyone anyway.

Last of us 3
Naughty Dog

The Last of Us 2 has come under heavy fire since its release.

A wave of negative reviews has seen the Metacritic user score sit at a lowly 5.4 out of 10, with people angry about many aspects of the game not living up to their potentially exaggerated expectations following a seven-year wait.

Critic reviews, however, have looked favourably on the game, with an alternate score of 94 out of 100.

It is undeniable that the game is beautiful and the story certainly has scale, but there are many aspects where the community strongly feels that Naughty Dog could and should have done better.

With no two reviews offering the same conclusion on the long-anticipated sequel, it will be an enormous task for the developer to please everyone; just as they did with the first entry of the series which has labelled as one of the greatest video games of all time.

Is it the characters that need the most work? The narrative? Or something else entirely?

Let's see what Naughty Dog should consider not including in the next release.


Note: Spoilers within.

10. Joel

Last of us 3
Naughty Dog

Despite being a HUGE fan favourite - and the reason why many returned to the game in the first place - it would not be beneficial to see this lovable anti-hero return.

Joel's storyline has come to its bloody conclusion, meeting his end at the hands of Abby. Although this brutal act initially seems unwarranted, we later learn that the surgeon Joel murdered to 'save' Ellie at the end of the first title was Abby's father.

Ask yourself: if Ellie's father had been the one murdered, wouldn't you want to enact revenge?

Deceased characters returning to aid the hero whether by flashback has become a recurring theme through all creative media, but you must strike a very fine balance. If the dead character receives too much screentime, the impact of their death risks being lost.

There are many examples of how character deaths have been handled poorly, including Netflix's 13 Reasons Why and Money Heist.

Please, just let Joel rest and don't force him to return in any significant way.


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