The Last Of Us Episode 2 Review - 7 Ups & 1 Down

Is episode 2 even better than the first?

The Last of Us

Another week, another episode of The Last of Us and, honestly, this one may be even better than the last.

Maybe it benefitted from the audience now being fully being used to the idea that the show is going to be its own thing, or maybe it was just tighter executed, but either way it provided an action-packed and heartbreaking hour of TV. However, it didn't get everything perfect.

Following Joel, Ellie and Tess as they escape the Boston QZ, we pick up with the characters wrangling with two things: 1) The revelation that Ellie has been bitten and is seemingly immune to the world-ending infection and 2) Joel's rabid killing of a FEDRA officer.

It's this episode where we get up close and personal with the infected themselves (in more ways than one, hence the episode title), get our first look at the iconic clickers, and learn more about the way the fungus not only takes over its human host, but the world itself.

Spoilers ahead.


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