The Last Of Us Episode 2 Review - 7 Ups & 1 Down


7. Another Great Prologue

The Last of Us

So, no mucking about this week, let’s get into the first up and, again, we start right at the beginning.

I didn’t intend to write these reviews recapping the episodes in chronological order, but hey it's the show's fault for continuing to deliver cracking openings entirely independent from the source material.

This time we again get a look back to the early days of the outbreak, following Dr Ratna in Jakarta, who’s called in to perform an assessment on one of the first cordycep-infected victims.

Now, I won’t be the first to make this comparison, but this whole sequence is straight out the Chernobyl playbook, focusing a global horror and filtering it through the faces of a few professionals burdened with the truth.

If you were holding out on the change from spores to tendrils, this scene will convince you it was a good move, as the sight of them creeping out of the dead woman’s mouth and reaching for another host was skin-crawlingly good - but more on that later.

All in all, it’s a cold, terrifying scene, topped off as the scientist gives her advice: bomb the city and don’t look back.


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