The Last Of Us Part 2: 10 Biggest WTF Moments

9. Abby's Motivations For Killing Joel Revealed

The Last of us Ellie
Naughty Dog

Remember when Abby first killed Joel and you instantly hated her and her crew?

That's a fantastic storytelling arc from Naughty Dog; they present Abby as this villanous character, but about halfway through the game, they flip this notion entirely on its head by revealing exactly why Abby hates Joel's guts.

By all accounts, Abby was living a pretty decent life (well, decent for a world ravaged by a parasitic fungus, that is) until Joel showed up. She, along with her dad, were part of the Fireflies that were about to create a cure for the infection, using Ellie's immune brain. Of course, Joel couldn't let that happen, and he kills Abby's dad, alongside a hell of a lot of other Fireflies too.

This ties in neatly with an extended section of the game where players swap entirely to Abby. Here, you learn more about her and her friends; they're surviving, just like Ellie is, and their revenge mission basically mirrors that of Ellie too.

Abby switches throughout from a huge villain to a character you can't help but root for. By the end, you'll be questioning exactly which character you actually want to win.


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