The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening Remake - 10 Things We Can't Wait To See

We’re hoping for the Switch Zelda game of our dreams and not a rude awakening!


Are any gaming fans more prone to nostalgia than Nintendo fans? The company has a rich history of iconic franchises and characters to draw from and players have grown up with them for generations now.

You can see how Nintendo tap into that nostalgia in the Smash Bros. Series. It’s not just the hefty roster of playable characters. They know players will also want to find every assist trophy and unlock every soundtrack.

Similarly, remakes of classic Nintendo games can generate just as much if not more excitement than new titles. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is up next on that front, and despite its humble origins on the tiny, black and white (or more accurately, green and dark green) screen of the Game Boy, fans hold Link’s Awakening in high esteem.

Many consider it something of a series highlight, with engrossing puzzles and endless charm transcending the Game Boy’s technical limitations.

Now it’s being remade for Nintendo Switch, but what surprises will the developers have in store for both returning players and die-hard fans alike?


Chris Chopping is a writer, podcaster and stand up comedian. He’s 34 and still dreaming of a Diamond Dallas Page style later-life entry into the wrestling business. Eats too many carbs for that though. Follow him @MrChrisChopping on Twitter.