The Outer Worlds - 10 Reasons It's Better Than Fallout 4

The sort of RPG you wish Bethesda still made.


When a new game comes into a well-established genre, it's inevitable that comparisons between it and the long-standing greats are on their way.

The Outer Worlds has launched to rave reviews from the critics thanks to its involved role-playing mechanics, amazing writing and fun combat. Thanks to this success, people are starting to side-eye the current king of the first-person RPG, Fallout 4.

Back when Fallout 4 released in 2015, it garnered good reviews and amazing sales, but several concerns were raised about how much of an RPG the game actually was. The years since haven't been kind to Fallout or Bethesda, but Fallout 4 still stands as a great game in the genre.

There hasn't been a game in the genre so notable since Fallout 4, but it's pretty shocking how many ways there are that The Outer Worlds beats Fallout 4.

If The Outer Worlds has had this much success with just one title, who can imagine what it might do in the future?


10. It's Not A Buggy Mess

Private Division

Bethesda bugs aren't as cute as you think.

Thankfully, Obsidian's focus on a smaller experience means that The Outer Worlds very rarely has any bugs in it at all. There's occasional clipping and UI issues, but there's nothing that makes turning the game off necessary.

When you compare this level of polish to how Fallout 4 launched, and indeed how every single Bethesda RPG launches, it's pretty laughable.

Just because a game is big doesn't mean that it can be unpolished. Texture issues, crashes, saves being deleted and much much more plagued Fallout 4 upon release and none of the issues seemed to be actively worked on.

It's not like either game is particularly graphically intense either, so it really doesn't make sense why consumers keep supporting Bethesda's lack of quality control.

This is a long-standing problem with all of Bethesda's games, and it's got to the point where something needs to change.


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