The Outer Worlds: 10 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

How to survive Halcyon with ease.

outer worlds

Obsidian's newest IP has managed to bring first-person RPG's back into the limelight in an awesome way.

With great characters, fun combat and a seemingly unlimited amount of choice for you to make, The Outer Worlds has proven itself to be as good as (and even better than) other games in the genre.

As you'd expect from this sort of role-playing game, The Outer Worlds features a host of mechanics, some of which go very in-depth. As the first in a brand new IP, there's arguably even more for the player to learn this time around, which can make coming to grips with everything a little daunting.

Although challenge isn't something you'll necessarily find a lot of in Halcyon, there are certainly a few things that you can do to make your adventures much easier.

You'll be glad you listened when you're knee-deep in Mantisaurs with no clue on the difference between Tactical Time Dilation and dodging.

10. You Can Re-Spec Your Character At Any Time

outer worlds
Private Division

As an role-playing game, The Outer Worlds puts a lot of focus on how you shape your character.

Don’t worry too much though. No decision is completely permanent.

If you find yourself in a situation where a simple companion change won’t be enough to fix, there is always the option to completely re-spec your character. This means taking all of the skill points and perk points you’ve earned up until that point and getting the chance to completely reshape yourself.

Did you start the game focusing on stealth? At any point you can put all of those skill points into dialogue and change how you play completely.

This can be done in the hangar of The Unreliable at any point through the Vocational Competence Respecification Machine directly above the workbench.

Be warned though, the first use costs 500 bits and the price will only go up from there. Reconstruction is expensive!


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