The Sims 4: 10 Past Features EA Should’ve Never Taken Out

Because, you know, toddlers and pools are kind of necessary.

The Sims 4 neighborhoods

As an avid Sims fan, you might've felt a little cheated with part four. 

Perhaps not considering what's left on offer, but there are a number of key features the older Sims games had, that the new one tweaked or altered for worse. Many longtime players are still suitably outraged, as why should they buy a game that excludes all of the best features from all three previous instalments? 

In 2 you could travel through the neighbourhood without a pesky loading screen, go shopping and your male Sims could even get impregnated by aliens - how much cooler can you get?

In 3, you were able to change the patterns and prints on pretty much any item of clothing or piece of furniture (Create-A-Style) you added to your game, and if that then prompted you to purchase all 11 Expansion Packs that were released then, well, that's just bad luck - as none of them carried over to The Sims 4.

To make matters worse, some of the most beloved features were even taken out of the game entirely! What happened to the pools? The cars? The toddlers? Hell, even the family tree is missing.

Now fans are forced to buy new Expansion Packs in order to get such things. It's not exactly fair, is it? Here are 10 of the things that fans miss the most about the old games, and that EA should really have included in the Sims 4 in the first place.

10. More Traits, Not Less

The Sims 4 neighborhoods

In The Sims 3, you were able to give your Sim five traits and an aspirational life goal. 

In The Sims 4 however, you're limited to only three traits, which you must choose from nine Emotional Traits (active, cheerful, genius, etc), six Hobby Traits (art lover, perfectionist, geek, etc), 12 Lifestyle traits (materialistic, lazy, neat, etc) and nine Social Traits (mean, loner, hates children, etc). 

You don't get to choose your favourite food, favourite music or favourite colour anymore and you don't get to pick a zodiac sign, but you do get one'bonus trait depending on the life aspiration given to your Sim.

During gameplay however, it is possible to unlock other traits depending on the skills you've mastered, but unless you've turned off the aging on your Sims, it's hardly possible to do so with more than one skill in a particular Sim's lifetime.


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