The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff: What You Need To Know

New Sims Updates! The return of Bonehilda.

Move over, Resident Evil: Village's tall vampire lady, Bonehilda has finally arrived.

There has been some speculation over whether this new Sims pack is worth it, considering The Sims 4's track record for lacklustre half attempts at ripping off their own games. Of course, this will spoil some details within the pack, so if you want to go in blind as a bat, you should probably jump to the end now for an overview.

So, just for anyone whose not ready to make the leap yet, I'm going to go headfirst into the Twilight Zone so you don't have to and give you an explanation of The Sims 4: The X-Files.


"The Stuff"

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The Stuff Pack includes a very small amount of clothing and hair for your sims to protect themselves from the harrowing haunters including: 2 shirts, 4 full body suits, 3 pairs of trousers, 4 new haircuts, a new hat and a new necklace for the ladies. The men get 2 new haircuts, 2 hats, 3 shirts, 2 new pairs of trousers and one pair of shoes which is locked behind an arbitrary task - although at least 4 of the items are shared between the genders.

We also have no new traits (shocker)or no new aspiration. There is nothing for children or toddlers (shocker again) apart from some haircuts. All of the items have a very vintage/retro feel to them, calling back to the 60s - 70s flower-power era (picture Klaus from the TV Series Umbrella Academy if you're struggling). This is the first indication this pack is less Hammer Horror and more Life on Mars.

The pack comes with 37 items of furniture including: 5 seats, 4 tables, 2 shelves, 1 séance table (and a séance table with chairs around it), 19 decorative items (one of which is a cute mini cow-plant), 4 lights and a fireplace. All of these items' descriptions are worth a read, as they actually have insight into some NPCs as well as grisly tales for the more gruesomely inclined of the deceased previous owners.

The Sims 4: Ghostbusters also suggests a new lot with the pack called Duplantier Dwelling from the Gallery. It's an aged, decrepit home with more clutter than walking room. The house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a lovely little dining area and plenty of greenery. The aesthetic is actually pretty consistent with a clear amount of love put into the design of the floor plan and the lot comes with everything you need to start your supernatural soirée.

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