The Single Most Annoying Part Of Every Main Series Zelda Game

No matter how good a game is, there is at least one moments that drives you crazy.

Tingle Wind Waker

No video game has ever been truly perfect. No matter how precise the controls are or how creative the mechanics are, there are always one or two issues with even the greatest games.

Case in point; let's look at The Legend of Zelda. LoZ may be the most consistent game franchise of all time. Several entries, including Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild, are still among the best games ever. Even the "weaker" entries in the series are still leagues ahead of the majority of games.

And yet, each game has problems that even the biggest Nintendo fans can't deny. Some puzzles are just too complicated to be fun. Some levels are just too hard to be satisfying.

Although the first game was a breakthrough in action-adventurers, it was far from perfect. Even if you think Wind Waker is the best game ever made, you can't pretend the sailing sections aren't a little bit repetitive. And even though Ocarina of Time is hailed as a masterpiece, let's not pretend THAT dungeon isn't a nightmare.

Here is the single most annoying part of every main Legend of Zelda game.

10. No Clues - The Legend Of Zelda

Tingle Wind Waker

The original Legend of Zelda's success was due to its focus on exploration. This may be a universal trait in the franchise but the first LoZ stands out because it doesn't bombard the player with hints.

You have to solve everything yourself. And this was during a time where you couldn't just look up the solutions online. If you couldn't figure out what to do or where to go, you were stuck.

Sadly, this is what drew the game's biggest criticism. Could you imagine playing Wind Waker or Breath of the Wild without A SINGLE CLUE? Imagine there were no characters to offer help, no sidekicks to tell you what to do, and no signs to indicate your next destination.

That's what the original LoZ is like. Not only are you given no inkling where to go, a lot of the areas look the same so you are guaranteed to get lost over and over.

The instruction manual explains how to defeat certain enemies but there is almost no hints in the game itself. Of course, this makes it more satisfying when you solve a puzzle with no help but it still can be frustrating.


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