The Solitaire Conspiracy PS5 Review

A Surprisingly Fun Story

The Solitaire Conspiracy Greg Miller
Bithell Games

Being the Spymaster in a dystopian cyberpunk theme future is cool and all, but we are really here to play some cards and to be honest, The Solitaire Conspiracy, not only nails that, but makes it look damn good in the meantime.

The neon glow of each card is pleasant on the eyes and thankfully never gets old. This is thanks to seemingly unlimited combinations of looks being delved out as the Spymaster seeks to untangle the main conspiracy.

When it comes to the Conspiracy in this Solitaire game, it serves as the reward for levelling up as the player journeys to the coveted level fifteen. So instead of seeing the cards jump off the screen like in the editions of the Windows games, we get a variety of characters, mainly Jim Ratio (Kinda Funny's Greg Miller) trying to bring meaning to it all.

Towards the end, some of these can become a bit long in the tooth and slightly cliched, but each scene delivers the plot far better than just a wall of text could ever do. You won’t find yourself skipping these.


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