10 Best Fallout 3 Mods That Give It Endless Replayability

7. DCnteriors Project

Fallout 3 Mod DcinteriorsBethesdaDownload You stumble through the apocalyptic ruins of Washington D.C., hulking monstrous mutants in tow. You rush over to a crumbling building only to find... another boarded up door. The amount of inaccessible interiors was one of the biggest problem plaguing Fallout 3's game world, and the DCInteriors Project mod sets out to fix this with dozens of unique, lore-friendly locations to explore - from ruined shops ripe for looting, to explorable homes and boxcars. If you ever wanted more locations to explore, get this mod. It adds a mind-boggling amount of new content, all of which fits perfectly into the base game. These locations aren't anything too far out of the realm of possibility, they're simply more of what you already have in the vanilla experience. This mod just adds more Fallout, and who doesn't want that?
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