The Top 5 LEGO Video Games

With LEGO Batman 2 just around the corner, we look at the best games yet released under the LEGO banner.

With the release of the LEGO Batman 2 video game fast approaching (which I am massively excited about) and release date rumours for LEGO Lord of the Rings (which I am even more excited about) I have decided to take a look at what I feel are the 5 best entries in the LEGO video game franchise to date. So far, we've had the caped crusader, 2 Indiana Joneses, 2 Harry Potters, a Pirates of the Caribbean, and 3 Star Wars titles, but which will make the list? Here goes nothing...

5. LEGO Indiana Jones (June 2008)

€œSnakes? Why did it have to be snakes?!€ This entry was the first to give me an insight into the fear that the little block formed characters could feel, as I regularly saw our Indy quivering in his Alden 405 boots. And this wasn€™t the only thing he did in his Alden 405€™s: he takes on the Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Thuggees in Temple of Doom, and then back to those pesky Nazis in Last Crusade - all the while finding time to woo the ladies. All of this comes across extremely well in the game, and when you add collecting studs, red parcels and treasure chests into the mix, what€™s not to love?

4. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - (May 2011)

With a character as big and as strange as Johnny Depp€™s Captain Jack Sparrow to draw inspiration from how could this episode fall flat? The unique feature of this game is that The Port (or hub) has all of the the unlockable characters walking around waiting for you to purchase them. After a little tussle first of course. None of that tedious scrolling through the endless characters to find the one you want in this Disney-Lego collaboration. Each unlockable has its own personality shining through, whether it be the bravado and sheer presence of Blackbeard, with his big frame and earth quaking jumps, to the humour in a simple shoulder shrug from the lovable Captain Jack. With four episodes that have five chapters in each, Story Mode and Freeplay, the game is a decent size. When you add to this the gameplay which is available from The Port, it has longevity, and even just finding all the characters you need to buy is a challenge in itself. I found myself going to the bar and having a punch-up with every Bill, Will and Davy that walked in. Not only will you eventually find everyone you€™re looking for, you also get to relieve a bit of pent up anger in the process! Who will win? Read on to find out which game we think is the best LEGO video game yet released...

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