The Top 5 LEGO Video Games

3. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (November 2011)

Harry Potter Lego should be in this list just for bringing something Potter-based into the world without Daniel Radcliffe€™s faced being attached to it. You see, I love Harry Potter and almost everything about the series... everything that is, except for Daniel Radcliffe. Lego have brought me the option to have a visual link to my favourite character out of print that isn€™t him. I could leave this there. But I won€™t. When this Lego entry starts it€™s a little darker than the original, but that is to be expected. It mirrors the books fantastically by doing this as this is when they start to delve into the more unsavory world, and characters of the wizarding world. It introduces many different areas than what was brought to us in Years 1-4 and with that it almost feels like a separate game. The majority of time isn€™t spent in the castle, and because of this you have a whole new world to explore. This game also has a more adult feel to it, and at one point it even has 2 guys and a girl holed up in a tent together. Ey, ey?! You can read our full review right here.

2. LEGO Batman (September 2008)

This was the first LEGO game that I was introduced to and from the minute I turned it on and was greeted with Alfred€™s face looking at me, I was hooked. And the fact the I could also push him off the walkway and for him to reappear as doting as ever caused me, oooooh, minutes of entertainment. It had the humour that I love, the characters that I love and the ability to kick someone to smithereens without feeling like I€™m involved in a bloodbath. This is where I learnt that I could walk across a plank on a video game perfectly, much to the irritation of my boyfriend who was still stuck there trying 10 minutes later. I won€™t go into the arguments that we had about jumping over small gaps... In this game you are shown an array of characters from the films and all of their different attributes. And not only do you get to fight them, when you€™ve finished fighting on the side of good, you can go back into the levels and fight for the forces of evil. To do this you have to leave the main hub of Batman€™s Cave and you are transported to Arkham Asylum which was a fantastic added extra which I wasn€™t expecting. Roll on next month so I can finally play the next installment.

1. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (February 2011)

How could anything other than this be my number 1? I am a massive fan of the books, a massive fan of the films (apart from the afore-mentioned poster boy), and now, a massive fan of the Lego adaptation. It has everything I look for in a game. It€™s easy to play, I know all the characters as though they are my family, probably better than I know a lot of my family, and I am kept busy by having to collect a mountain of things. There is the Hogwarts House Crests, the Hedwig delivered parcels, the studs and finally the character tokens. As I was walking around the castle I felt like Argus Filch could set Mrs Norris on me at any given moment. When I was sneaking round the library trying to catch the stray stud that had bounced just out of my reach while trying to hide behind a bookshelf, the anticipation that I would be €˜shopped€™ to Dumbledore was exhilarating and probably also a tiny bit pitiful. LEGO Harry Potter has met and surpassed my expectations. LEGO Lord of the Rings certainly has a lot to live up to but I sure it will be up to the challenge. And even if it isn€™t the best game released in this franchise, if the people buying it are as big a fan of the film as I am of Harry Potter, it is sure to be a hit. So what do you think - which LEGO videogame is the best? And which other films would you like to see given the LEGO game treatment? For some inspiration, why not read our own thoughts on that subject?
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