The Witcher 3: 10 Best Secret Areas You Need To Visit

Did you find the secret vampire's resting place??

Witcher 3
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Over five years on, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt continues to surprise and delight players. There’s yet to be an RPG that’s been able to match this multi award-winning title in terms of its size, ambition, and character-driven narrative. It was a worthy end to Geralt’s tale and an experience that many will find difficult to forget.

Throughout Geralt’s journey players will encounter numerous characters who they’ll form memorable and meaningful connections with and visit just as many breath-taking locations where pausing to savour the scenery is all part of what The Witcher is all about.

Just as incredible is the sense of discovery that awaits players in the lands of Velen and Skellige (and everywhere else in between). Every map marker nudges us towards some extra content that somehow finds a way to further add to the already outstanding world building and give us another fun encounter.

However, the biggest surprises in The Witcher 3, like any RPG worth their salt, are found off the beaten path. Every cave, crevice, or hut you might pass on your travels is always worth exploring. You never know what you might find.

There's likely some secret location out there you've yet to discover yourself.

10. Vizima's Secret Chamber

Witcher 3
CD Projekt Red

After completing the introductory section in White Orchird, players will be whisked to the opulent palace in Vizima where the emperor of Nilfgaard tasks Geralt with tracking down Ciri.

The palace is the smallest area in the game and is the setting for what is essentially a crucial exposition dump. Most of the doorways are locked as Geralt is led through a very linear path to his meeting with the Emperor. Although there’s literally not a lot of room for exploration here, that doesn’t mean there aren’t secrets to be uncovered. One of which being a secret chamber.

While strolling across the courtyard (where you can obtain a rare Gwent card) use Geralt's witcher senses and a brick on one of the stone columns will be highlighted in red. This, it turns out, is a sneakily hidden switch that unlocks the door to a nearby secret chamber where you can find a fun little Easter Egg.

The chamber itself is small and decorated with cobwebs. The only other things there are a treasure chest and a skeleton carrying a letter. Read this document and you’ll discover that the bones belong to Roderwick de Wett, a character from the first game.


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