The Witcher 3: 10 Best Secret Areas You Need To Visit

9. A Vampire's Resting Place

Witcher 3
CD Projekt Red

Novigrad is a bustling city located in the north of the map. It plays a key part in Geralt’s tale and players will spend dozens of hours exploring the streets and alleys while undertake an assortment of quests.

While there are plenty of things to do to preoccupy your visit here, it’s also worthwhile taking a trip to the labyrinth of sewage tunnels that snake underneath. They may be crawling with necrophages and other unpleasantries, but even this dank area has its bright side in the form of a delightful side quest titled A Tome Entombed.

Make your way into the sewers at the entrance near The Oxenfurt Gate and begin your descent. Keep going, fighting any pesky drowners and breaking any crumbling walls on your way, and you’ll eventually come to a breakable wall highlighted in red. Use Aard to clear the path and you’ll find yourself in a cavernous chamber where a scholar is having a tough time opening a tomb.

He wants access to an important book said to be located here, but a grumpy vampire isn’t too happy to have been woken up a few centuries too early.


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