These Final Boss Battles SUCK! AGAIN!

Going Out With A BOOOOO!

These final boss battles suck

Much like with movies and TV Show finales, the final moments with a video game are incredibly important as when you step out into the cold and cruel light of day, it's these closing moments that your mind will feast on for hours if not days afterwards.

In fact, you could argue that video game endings are actually more important than other forms of media as here you've just slogged your way through upwards of 40-50 hours of content in which you were the driving factor, thus likely building a firm connection between the main protagonist and our own projected sense of identity.

Therefore if a video game promises a delicious last course only to serve you up a deep-fried used tissue it's hard not to feel personally slighted, and wouldn't you know it, that's exactly the emotion, situation and disgusting meal we're about to be masticating today so let's take a look at some more video game final boss battles that absolutely SUCKED!

5. General Scales And Andross - Starfox Adventures

These final boss battles suck

So we kick off this NOT LIST with a double whammy of weird and woeful in the form of one of the greatest all-time Star Fox enemies treated with about as much respect as a doormat exclusively used to smear dog feces on and a boss battle that should have been the final boss but was absolutely neutered beyond all recognition.

I'm speaking of course about the dual final boss fight of Star Fox Adventures in which Fox has to take on both General Scales as well as mainstay antagonist Andross in the final moments. And if this sounds like a brilliant way to cap off a less than mediocre game, well my friend you know the expression "things can always get worse?"

Well this is the "Worse"

To begin with, the battle against General Scales is one that you literally cannot lose, and I don't mean that in a cute way in that "oh it's so easy you'll breeze through it" I mean in a straight-up sense where the General doesn't attack you once, and if you so much as hit him a single time with your staff, the fight is over and he's subbed out for Andross.

Talk about being chucked out with the bathwater, just like that the main antagonist gone just so we can bait-and-switch for a boss fight that players admittedly wanted a lot more than battling this reptilian rascal. Rude right?

Well, what's also a bit off is that the battle with Andross sees you finally back in your ship for a dose of traditional Star Fox action, except everything feels a little off. For a start the game has conditioned you to think in terms of 3d action game sensibilities so feels jarring to jump back into the cockpit, but also the battle with Andross is so unbelievably easy it feels like there's no payoff whatsoever.

Chuck in the fact that Andross's reappearance is never explained and you have what feels like a boss battle inserted for the sake of fan service with little care for what it would do to the game's image overall. A one-hit blunder and a "remember this guy" encounter, are not a good combo at all.

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