These Horror Video Games SUCK!

The Only Thing To Be Afraid Of Is The Lack Of Quality.

These Horror Games Suck!

Making a horror video game, on paper at least, seems like the easiest thing going right? All you've got to do is take a creepy location like an abandoned mansion or eerie wood, slap more grime on it than even the UK underground charts can handle, and then thrust the player into the mix while also making them about as useful in a boxing match as a pacifist with brittle bone disease.

Those are pretty much the typical horror building blocks; atmosphere, location, suppression of player empowerment, and of course a monster more horrifying than seeing your nan in the nude. With a combo like that it'd be pretty hard to mess things up, and yet time and time again we, the rather attractive consumer, are subject to horrors of a very different manner as we've ended up with some truly terrible horror video games.

Not content with being about as scary as a warm bath, these titles went above and beyond when it came to terrible dialogue, monsters, gameplay, and of course the very concept of horror itself. You'll be running for the hills all right, but only so you can be away from these utter stinkers.

5. Friday The 13th (NES)

These Horror Games Suck!

Believe it or not, alongside Super Ghouls N' Ghosts Friday the 13th for the NES was my first ever horror video game experience, and while both titles shared a lot in common when it came to their aggressively challenging gameplay and ear-piercing audio tracks, there was one rather large difference that separated them forevermore.

Friday The 13th on the NES was utter garbage.

Seriously this game might be the worst time I've had with any game period. The horrendous visual for a start make Jason look like HBO's take on Barney The Dinosaur, and that constant beeping that triggers whenever this tall glass of "f**k you" was off killing kids sounds like a truck that is forever reversing over my will to live.

Not that you'll have to worry about living for very long in this game as both the enemies and Jason himself will slash you like you're on a Black Friday sale, and things become hilariously unfair when you have to battle him one on one like you're in Punch-Out and you've only got a few rocks to defend yourself with.

To say that this game is crushingly hard is like saying that Adam Sandler only makes movies to take his mates on holiday, quite bloody apparent if you've seen only a few screens of footage, but these boxing matches, the endless respawning of enemies and the fact you're constantly having to save kids from being murdered make for a one-sided affair that will extinguish your hope very quickly. Jason Vorhees? More like Jason Vor-he's having a !*$% laugh, just leave those kids alone for five you dirty diddler.

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