These Video Game Deaths SUCK!

Literal Death By Embarrassment.

These Deaths Suck


It's an unfortunate truth that each and every one of us will experience the tolling bell of the nether at some point in time, and thus I think it's safe to say that.....No one likes to die (wait is that really how I'm starting the script?)

Hold on let me clarify.

Nobody likes to die IN VIDEO GAMES, as in real life the end of yours doesn't often leave you hanging around to evaluate it, yet within the medium of digital adventures and pixellated platforms, a mistimed moment, whiffed attack or just a series of choices so poor you'd think they make up my dating history, you can indeed experience the joy of feeling your face burn red as your character gets dead.

Yet not all deaths are equal my friends, as some go way beyond merely chipping away at your stock of extra lives, and some actively feel like The Grim Reaper is reaching through the screen, and using his bones to choke the life out of your meat in a manner that even your search history would find shameful.

So let's take a look at times video games had our lives digitally and literally as these are some Video Game Deaths That SUCK!

4. Death While Healing!

These Deaths Suck

Getting whomped by enemies is never any fun, is it? It's hard to admire your brand new dragon scale armor complete with sequins that read "bad bitch" on the back when half of it has just been torn through by the fangs of a monster, and so sometimes we have to deal with the tricky balancing act of healing in battle, and it's here that so many awful and pitiful deaths can occur.

One need only look at the myriad of Dark Souls PVP duel videos to see how healing at the wrong time is basically the same as lighting a neon sign above your head reading "please stab me betwixt the cheeks" and things only get worse when the healing item in question is a slow burner rather than an instant SHUZ of HP, meaning that you can end up being turned into a kebab despite technically being on the mend.

However, what takes the utter damp cake made of piss and salt has to be a powerup of pain DISGUISED as a healing item. Say hello to the poison mushroom from Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels which was quite possibly the cruelest trick played by Nintendo and has only been rivaled by never letting Waluigi into Smash.

This toadstool terror would pop out of one of the first blocks you'd come across in 1-1 and would kill you in one hit due to your small stature, undoing everything that players had learned from the previous iteration of the game in the process. When you can't trust mushrooms then what the hell has the world come to?! In an instant players, the world over had their dreams and childhood die in front of them, all to the chorus of laughter emanating from Nintendo.


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