These Video Game Difficulty Spikes SUCK!

5. The North Pole - Bart Simpson Vs The World

these gaming suck

So can we just all address the utter horror show that were the Simpsons games that dropped for the NES? My god they were enough to make your skin turn yellow as the liver failure you'd get from the kicking these titles doled out would most likely give you jaundice.

Brutal doesn't even come close to cutting it with these games, which served up a relentless buffet of pain in the form of ridiculously tight platforming and slippery controls, a combination that rightly deserves its own place in gaming hell.

Ironically the difficulty spike that stuck out the most from this cavalcade of cartoon soul crushers is the North Pole level from Bart Simpson Vs The World. In other levels, you had to guide a very floaty Bart Simpson through impossibly unfair hazards, but here? You had to do all of that while also contending with Ice Physics.

I genuinely get war flashbacks when I think of the number of times I landed on a platform only to see Bart slide off into the abyss, and things got worse when you escape the dank green cave section and reach the surface, as here you need to move a block of ice from one side of the screen to the other while also avoiding birds, and if you don't move quick enough the block bloody sinks!

I hate this level with all my bloody being, and can quite easily say that it's a level that quite possibly ruined my childhood.

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