These Video Game Difficulty Spikes SUCK!

4. The Court Room - Wolfenstein 2: New Colossus

these gaming suck

When it came to making Wolfenstein 2: The New Collossus, it was clear that the developers wanted us to feel like we were on the back foot at all times, quite literally taking use of his own feet away from B.J in the opening segments as he fought against the Nazi menace from a wheelchair.

It was an ever building power fantasy for the player, as soon they would not only regain the ability to walk, but would do so through the use of a super suit, ramping up their powers and strength immensely. In this form you were able to show the so-called Master Race a thing or two, usually being how to die and take their poisoned mentality with them. However, the fantasy ironically got a rather rude wake up call in the Court House dream sequence that crops up after B.J has been captured.

Here the player is tasked with just one objective. Survive.

Now while that sounds cool and all, there's just one teeny-tiny thing making things slightly more difficult. You're in a room filled with continually spawning, highly-armoured enemies and you've got nothing but a pair of longjohns for armour.

This is easily the hardest section in the entire game, and when you consider that you take on two Zerstorers at the end of the game at the same time should tell you how much of a spike this seciton is. Making matters worse is that part way through this survival nightmare, Panserhaunds enter the mix meaning you can get dragged out of what little cover there is and get roasted alive.

In fact nightmare is the right term for this as, lest we not forget this is a dream sequence so what the hell does it matter if we die here! Just let me sleep. I'm so very tired.

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