These Video Game Sequels Suck!

Sometimes the original is better.

Crash wrath of cortex

Hey guys, Jules here, and let me tell you something brother, I’ve got a fairly big family. Got one sister, 3 half brothers and a 1 step brother so I can say this is absolute certainty: Some sequels absolutely suck, and sometimes the original product is the best damn thing around - especially when it comes to video games.

Also, side note, I am an awful brother. Seriously I can barely remember their birthdays half the time, and the little brothers are now at that age where they’re asking what a clunge is. I shouldn’t have to bear that weight. They should learn like I had to… from the cleaning lady who dusted the library at my school.

Now, sometimes sequels are bloody brilliant. Look at Sonic 2, Super Mario 64, Power Stone 2 - these built on their original, they improved and listened to fan feedback. But the games I’m going to talk to you today took all that feedback, chopped it up real fine, melted some wax in with it and then bunged up every single orifice available so that they could become immune to criticism ever again.

So let’s take a look together at some games that promised the world, but ended up delivering soggy chips to the wrong address.


Article adapted from video version of "These Video Game Sequels Suck!", a Julian Gill Production.

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