Tomb Raider: Ranking Every Game From Worst To Best

11. Tomb Raider: Chronicles

Crystal Dynamics

As the last Tomb Raider game on the original Playstation, it’s a title that doesn’t just go across the globe, but also across time.

With Lara presumed dead following the events of The Last Revelation, some of her old friends recall her less discussed adventures, including a search for the Philosopher’s Stone in Rome, a wrecked U Boat off the Russian coast, and infiltrating a city skyscraper. This had the knock-on effect of making locales more varied than ever.

While it’s far from the most groundbreaking title in the series - many have even considered the level design and gameplay redundant both upon release and in retrospect - it still has that great mix of combat, platforming and puzzles.

The lack of innovation can be attributed to the fact that developer Core Design was basically forced by Eidos to make it, so they had lost a lot of heart by this point.

The title should also be commended, however, for pushing the PlayStation to its limits, managing to have detailed graphics (for the time) plus levels that are as expansive and complex as ever.

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