Top 10 Free iPhone Apps [8th-15th June]

In a new regular feature, we run down the top ten free apps of the week.

Welcome to WhatCulture€™s weekly run down of the top ten free apps for iPhone, as listed by the App Store. Here you€™ll find a quick summary of each app, what it€™s about and whether it€™s worth your precious time. We're charitable like that...

10. Pocket Plane

Don€™t bother wasting your time or effort on this game: aside from the graphics, which are like something from an arcade game from a time gone by, there is pretty much nothing enjoyable about it. Unless that is, you like having your life slowly slip away from you while watching the most mundane plane journey possible. Basically, the aim of the game is to load your passengers on board with their luggage, then have them disembark at the other end. Sound interesting to anyone? No. Maybe if they threw in a complimentary vodka it might be a little more bearable.

9. PipeRoll

Race the clock to try and beat the score for supplying properties with their water and other essentials - doesn€™t exactly sound fantastic but don€™t write it off before you try it. This is a free version of the popular Pipes game, and having tried both we€™d definitely recommend saving your 69p and downloading this app instead because there€™s not actually that much difference between the two. After the initial few rounds of finding your feet you are then introduced to other coloured pipes and you have to keep the two (or three or four) separate. It should be easy but it is quite a challenge, and a fun one at that!

8. New Star Soccer

Have you ever wanted to be a premiership footballer? Me neither. However, this app has opened our eyes to the wonder of the beautiful game. Ok, so that was sarcasm too but we do think this is a fantastic app: you have the arcade mode that is free where you can practice your shooting skills, and with each passing goal comes an added difficulty, could be a defending wall or a goal keeper, to keep it interesting. The other mode is career mode which is basically try before you buy: you have the opportunity to play 10 matches in a Football Manager-esque style. You also have to manage your life outside of the game, from keeping your boss and the fans happy, to trying to stop your girlfriend selling your sex stories to gossip mags. All this while improving your football skills and trying to save money to buy yourself the fancy things a football star should never be seen without. After the 10 matches it does cost 69p to unlock the full career mode but in our opinion that is money well spent as we€™ve been playing on it all day and there€™s no sign of us getting bored anytime soon.

7. Parking Frenzy

While this is in the top ten, it is another app whose inclusion here defies explantion: I find it hard to understand what the fun is of trying to get a red car into a parking space . There€™s no charisma or character to it, and all we have is a non-specific car in a car park. No fun graphics, no fun music, no fun... anything, sadly. The only thing to say about this is that it€™s boring: maybe we're missing something that makes it worthy of its place in the top ten, but if we are, they€™ve hidden it pretty well.

6. Million Pound Drop

When watching the Million Pound Drop have you ever thought, I wish I could do that!? Well, now you can. Every Friday and Saturday at 9pm you can play along with the lovely Davina and bet lots of cash on the answers you think are right. Fake cash of course, unfortunately. Granted, it may be a little limiting to have an app on your phone that you can only play on for a couple of hours a week, but for £1.49 you can carry on the fun in between. Spiffing eh?

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