Top 10 Free iPhone Apps [8th-15th June]

5. Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing

In All-Stars Racing, you get to race with and against your favourite SEGA characters across 15 tracks in a game that obviously has had effort put into the development of it, which is something that is sadly quite rare in a lot of the free apps on the market. Refreshingly, additional purchase of anything isn€™t necessary for the enjoyment of the game, and this app is a must have for anyone that enjoys the company of Sonic and friends. The controls are a little difficult to get used to at the beginning, but once you€™ve got over this you can start to have fun with this great free app.

4. Bag It!

How much fun can you have packing groceries? Lots if this app is anything to go by. Food items run across the top of the screen on a conveyor belt and the objective is to have to fit them all in your bag without breaking anything. Because we all know the harrowing feeling when you get home and you got crushed eggs in the box! The animation is fun and quirky: all of the products have eyes and faces to let us know whether they€™re scared of being crushing by the massive melons ready to bounce on them. All in all, a very good, charming little game.

3. Finger Olympics

Obviously with the Olympics just around the corner there was going to be apps developed to take advantage of that, and this one has done it well, as the development team have decided to go against the realism of sports and have you guide finger and hand shaped men through different athletic and sporting events by tapping on the screen. It€™s a simple enough concept and it seems to work: the free version is only a taster and you have to put your hand in your pocket (or password on the screen) and pay £1.49 to unlock the full potential of this game, but it is a rewarding one.

2. Top Gear

Inspired by the highly popular, and sometimes controversial, programme Top Gear, the BBC have brought to us a free app that allows the player to undertake some of the crazy challenges that the show's presenters and The Stig have set out for us. You have the options to buy different cars and upgrade components to enable you to complete the quests within the given time. Not only do you get to do this with cars, you also get to have fun with strangely constructed vehicles that you would have to have a death wish to get behind the wheel of in real life. Throughout this you have to try and get the show as many viewers as possible by performing these tricks. Something to pass the time with at the very least.

1. Song Pop

And now to the number one free app currently sweeping the nation. In Song Pop the object is to guess what the name of a song or artist is from a snippet of the song played. Not only that, you have to beat another player to it, and believe me when I say that the pressure makes guessing even a song you know well very difficult when you€™re on the spot. A nice feature of this is that you get the choice of 3 different categories so if you have absolutely no idea about 80€™s pop music, then you don€™t have to go through answering questions on it. This game is no doubt going to stay near the top of the chart for a while, and so it should: it is a fantastic game and deserves its number one spot. Tune in next week for the next free app chart.
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