Two New Trailers For X-MEN: DESTINY

Watch clips and behind the scenes footage exploring the ability to choose and manipulate the X-Gene to suit player preference in Activision's upcoming superhero game.

With Activision's X-Men: Destiny set to hit shelves at the end of this week (look out for our review), the developers have released two brand new trailers showing off some of the impressive looking features. Players will be able to experience the full transformation of becoming a mutant, with the ability to customise their own powers by manipulating the X-Gene in multiple ways to suit their own preferences. Players can choose to change their characters' attacks and special abilities, as well as the ability to increase health and mobility, using the three playable characters - Aimi, Adrian or Grant - as the foundation for their tinkering. With a range of abilities and moves available, which X-Gene will you chose to utilize?

XMen: Destiny - X-Genes Trailer

XMen: Destiny - Choice Trailer

Game Info

A rally in San Fransisco may be mutantkind's last hope for peace with humanity. Three young mutants are about to discover that they have the power to change the world, and their destiny is in your hands.CONTROL YOUR MUTANT€™S DESTINY - Make core power and faction decisions, leading to an epic choice between the X-Men or the Brotherhood of Mutants. DISCOVER YOUR MUTANT IDENTITY - Players choose among three all-new mutant characters, each with a unique background that is unraveled throughout the game. UNLEASH YOUR MUTANT POWER - Take control of one of three all-new mutant abilities and watch as your power grows and evolves based on your decisions. WALK IN ANOTHER MUTANT€™S GENES - X-Gene enhancements allow players to experience their favorite X-Men characters€™ abilities, such as Nightcrawler€™s telepor- tation, Iceman€™s freezing ability and more. YOUR CHOICES SHAPE THE STORY - Players make morally ambiguous decisions that guide the destinies of their characters.
X-Men: Destiny is available to buy on XBox 360, PS3, Wii, and Nintendo DS on 3oth September.
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