Uncharted: 10 Jaw-Dropping Scenes We Couldn't Believe


Naughty Dog

The Uncharted series is perhaps the finest series that Sony's first party studios have ever created. A perfect blend of wacky Indiana Jones-esque stories and lovable characters makes the series simply a must play for anyone who has a hankering for the spectacular.

Characters undoubtedly carry the series from strength to strength, but while Nate's wise-cracking persona, Elena's sassy, yet caring personality and Sully's fan-goddamn-tastic character development are crucial to the series' success, Uncharted is equally known for its jaw-dropping set-pieces.

Delivered like a true Hollywood action blockbuster and performed by a wealth of talented actors, Uncharted's uncanny ability to put the player in the centre of the action is unrivalled by any who have since attempted it. Be it the unforgiving wasteland of a middle-eastern desert or a crumbling Nepalese village, Uncharted's approach to spectacular occurrences is simply like no other.

They're not few and far between either, with an incredible action sequence often right around the corner, so while you make your way through each of the titles on offer you'll be picking your jaw up from the floor after these ten wonderful set-pieces.

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