Uncharted 4: 10 Awesome Fan Theories You Need To Know

Is this the end for the Playstation's favourite treasure-hunting hero?

After two very short and not very revealing teaser trailers, visitors to the Playstation Experience were recently given a 15 minute glimpse into how Uncharted 4: A Thief€™s End will look on the latest generation of consoles. The new iteration of the hugely popular franchise will feature a whole host of improvements from the last time around, including a revamped game engine that looks to have improved fighting, exploration and everything in between, while graphics are upgraded significantly thanks to the more powerful PS4 hardware. All of that will be powering a wonderful story from the The Last Of Us€™ writer Neil Druckmann, who is heading up script duties this time round, and clearly has pedigree in writing a good game story having made his mark on parts two and three in the past. While it is already clear that the game will look better and play better, other information has been thin on the ground for fans to take in. The latest gameplay trailer didn€™t reveal anything too specific to ponder over outside of just gameplay, so information has to be gleaned from other teasers instead. The internet has already been hard on the speculation trail, working out every little piece of information it can from the tiniest of details, producing a whole host of theories on how they may be related to the Uncharted mythos. Despite the fact that many complained when the fourth instalment was announced, the latest gameplay trailer has seemingly turned the tide. Trepidation has turned to anticipation as many are excited to jump into another Drake-fronted adventure. Here are 10 of the most interesting Uncharted 4: A Thief€™s End rumours currently doing the rounds.
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