Universal Studios Hollywood's Super Nintendo World Review - 7 Big Talking Points

6. The Food

Universal Studios Mario Nintendo
Universal Studios Hollywood

In Universal Studios Hollywood, Super Nintendo World has its own restaurant.

The Toadstool Cafe is filled with some of the cutest meals that you will ever see. Created by Chef Toad himself, there's so many themed options for those looking for fun food to enjoy.

Each item has been given a Mario themed glow up. From the giant Princess Peach cupcake to the soup served in a mushroom themed container. The caprese salad looks like a Piranha Plant and every Luigi chicken burger is stamped with a signature moustache on the bun. The soup even comes served in a mushroom cup, though these are not meant for keeping.

Universal Studios Hollywood Super Nintendo World

Toadstool Cafe is a nice combination between quick service and table service. You order and pay for your food at the counter, where you also receive your drinks. But then your food is brought to your table allowing you to relax rather than standing around waiting for your food.

Given that Toad is the chef, quite a lot of the menu does have a mushroom element, either on the plate or in the styling. There is also a limited amount of vegetarian/vegan options, but ultimately there is something for everyone in the restaurant.

Universal Studios Hollywood Super Nintendo World Toadstool Cafe

Everyone we spoke to enjoyed the food and those who tried the cupcake were quick to point out though it was sweet, it wasn't too sweet. We enjoyed the Bowser Special short rib and the tiramisu that was themed to look like a Question Mark Block. Overall, it is definitely worth grabbing a Toadstool Cafe.

Universal Studios Hollywood Super Nintendo World

If you choose not to eat in Toadstool Cafe you can still get Mario themed edible options. You can purchase the fruity cream sodas that come complete with moustaches and crowns on the straws depending on which one you select.

There's also the Super Star Popcorn bucket and Super Mushroom and 1-Up themed sippers.


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