Until Dawn: 10 Biggest WTF Moments

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Horror games have had somewhat of a resurgence in the last few years, but a lot of the more successful titles have been from independent developers, like Amnesia and Outlast - not many big AAA horror games have been produced, let alone been successful. Until Dawn bucks that trend, however €“ it€™s a big title with big ambitions, and it€™s also incredibly well made. There€™s so much to like about it, from the stunning visuals, to the varied (if slightly cliché) characters, and the killer soundtrack. If you imagine an 80s slasher flick like Friday the 13th, mixed with an €œinteractive experience€ like Heavy Rain €“ well that€™s Until Dawn in a nutshell. Since it takes inspiration from slasher flicks, the plot is incredibly cheesy, but that doesn€™t mean it€™s bad. There€™s a reason that those films have a cult following, and as it turns out, they work well in a more interactive medium as well. Being the horror game that it is, there are obviously going to be moments that have your heart in your mouth, plot twists galore and scenes that have you peeking through your hands. Here, we run down the top 10 moments in Until Dawn that will make you shout €œWTF?!€
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