Warhammer 9th Edition: Everything You Need To Know

Rev those chainswords and load that cannon, 9th edition is here!

Games Workshop

With the 9th Edition ruleset dropping, both newbie and veteran players are experiencing a new way to play.

Launching this edition with an incredible cinematic trailer that blew the community away, they quickly showed a massive array of new models and began to tease some of the rule changes.

As the weeks went by more and more leaks have spilled out of Games Workshop and there is now access to the Core rules, points change and a look into the incredibly exciting Crusade mode!


10. Character Protection Requires Thought?

The most vocal complaint made of the 8th Edition Warhammer ruleset was character targeting.

You could essentially place your characters at the back of your army and as long as there was some model closer to your enemy’s units, they couldn’t target you. Even in situations where the closer unit is inside a bunker and can’t be seen, you still couldn’t shoot that character.

This was an insufferable rule that led to many a grumpy player… but not anymore.

In 9th edition there is a new rule called, “Look out, Sir”

Cannot shoot at an enemy Character with 9 or less wounds while it is within 3” of a friendly unit (Monster, Vehicle or unit of 3+ Models) unless it is the closest target.”

This means that if you want to protect them, you have to keep in and amongst their fellow warriors lest they fall foul of a bullet storm.

No more leaving a solitary Techmarine on a backfield objective without consequences. This rule change is honestly great for the game and will help make the battlefield feel more threatening to your greatest heroes.


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