Watch Dogs 2: 10 Massive Improvements Over The First Game

8. Expanded Hacking Mechanics

Watch Dogs 2

One of the great things about the original Watch Dogs was its attempts to reinvent the 'GTA Clone', by implementing hacking mechanics that allowed the player to manipulate the space around them. You could disrupt communications networks, control lifts, and raise barriers in order to divert incoming pursuers.

These features have been expanded and streamlined in Watch Dogs 2, with more of a focus on useful and immediate hacking tools that can get you out of a sticky situation.

It is now possible to overheat peoples' phones (hi, Samsung), drive forklifts into unsuspecting guards, sic a group of highly dangerous gang members on random targets, and remotely manipulate all manner of electronic devices.

Add to this an RC copter and a jumping RC car, and Marcus has an impressive arsenal of tools to take down Blume.


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