Watch Dogs 2 Review: 7 Ups & 6 Downs

A sure improvement... but still no GTA.

Watch Dogs 2 Marcus Lenni

Watch Dogs 2 finally landed in gamers' laps this past week, and the consensus among critics and fans alike seems to be that it's pretty damn great.

It's been arguably the busiest fall period for gaming ever this year, yet Watch Dogs 2 does a great job distinguishing itself from the glut of AAA titles recently hitting the market with its unique hacking mechanics, filling the open-world third-person shooter niche that's currently left pretty wide open.

While most will almost inevitably view it as a stop-gap until Red Dead Redemption 2 arrives next year, it's nevertheless one of the year's most pleasant surprises so far, even if it's still beholden to a few unsavoury carry-overs from the last game.

Here are 7 ups and 6 downs from Watch Dogs 2...

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