What We Know About Resident Evil: Village So Far

Resident Evil 8: Village has massive lore implications and massive vampires - the perfect storm!

Resident Evil 8 Dimitrescu

Resident Evil fans rejoice!

Maiden, Resident Evil: Village's new demo, just dropped on the PlayStation 5 with more demos most likely to come to other platforms before release. The internet is reeling from the reveal of the elegant, possibly vampiric and ridiculously stunning Lady Dimitrescu.

This 8ft tall (yes, someone has already figured out her exact height) Amazonian woman could cut us all into shreds, and we would thank her. Apart from giving us this year's most unexpected thirst trap, we can also glean some early theories about the lore and backstory of these characters - who are they?

Are they really vampires or do they just act like vampires? What's Lady Dimitrescu's favourite blood type? At least some of these questions have been bouncing around the internet - and the loyal theorists as well as some keen-eyed folks have spotted at least some clues to the lore of the upcoming Resident Evil: Village throughout the recent demo and trailers.

6. We Are Jumping Into The Plot Halfway Through

Resident Evil 8 Dimitrescu

There are many factors in the trailers and demo showing Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters as well as Castle Dimitrescu, but with little information about the other events of the game or characters. Considering Lady Dimitrescu is set up to be one of the big bads of Village, it's definitely odd to hear her say "We finally meet." This could imply Ethan has been in the basement/torture dungeon for a significant amount of time - but then earlier in the demo one of the daughters exclaims "I can't wait until dinner" before attacking you.

Lady Dimitrescu also states that Ethan had escaped and is now running around her castle, being too much of a nuisance for her daughters to handle. This implies that she did not expect Ethan to be here. She was either unaware he was thrown into the basement of her castle or was forced to take charge after the failure of "Heisenberg".

There is also a previous trailer with footage of Ethan and Mia being attacked in their home - which could be Heisenberg's doing - and an exclusive item that comes with the Trauma pack version of the game is titled "The Tragedy of Ethan Winters". From these details, we can make an educated guess that this game is jumping a little from the moment they were attacked to Ethan having already escaped his previous holdings and finding himself trapped anew. The Tragedy of Ethan Winters could cover that gap.

Of course "We finally meet" could just mean Lady Dimitrescu is aware of the events of 7, but that's a whole other can of worms which could possibly connect her to the Baker Family.


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