Why Apple Arcade Will Win The War Against Google Stadia

Google claims Stadia will change gamIng, but is Apple Arcade a better bet?


Google announced its Stadia gaming platform earlier this year and initially, it looked very promising. However, it soon became apparent that, with the Founder’s Edition costing £119, costs would soon add up. There's an alternative though, and it'll cost a lot less. Because Apple Arcade is set to take the gaming experience to a new level on the devices you already own.

Arcade is easily the most promising of the two ‘revolutionary’ services. Both companies have marketed their new service as the future of gaming, but they both envision the future completely differently. And with some betting that Apple Arcade will be victorious in the battle of the next generation of gaming, there's a train of thinking for some that if Google Stadia is the future, that’s bad news for the gaming industry.

Luckily, there's a good change Arcade is going to win the tech war...

4. Google Stadia’s Mistake

Google Stadia

To be successful, Stadia had to demonstrate its ability to keep up with conventional gaming systems. Not only does it fail to compete in terms of graphics, but its Internet-based streaming premise also affects sound quality as well. It is difficult enough to play Xbox when it is being streamed to a Windows 10 PC on the same network, due to occasional lag. Imagine attempting to do a similar thing but on a much slower mobile network!

In addition, it will be very difficult for Xbox users to become used to the PS4-style controller. The idea of taking a system that allows offline gaming and making it exclusively online would appear to be a step backwards, as it limits where we can game.

So what can Apple bring to the table that's different?


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