Why You Should Buy A Nintendo Wii In 2019

All-time classics for no money at all.


The gaming world collectively sighed when Nintendo released the Wii to unsuspecting retirement homes around the world in 2006.

While the GameCube showcased various groundbreaking titles and remains beloved among fans, its sales figures never lived up to the almighty duo that was the PS2 and original Xbox.

So when the Wii turned out to be a literal money-printing machine, you could imagine the sake-soaked parties Reggie and his friends must've had at Nintendo HQ.

Now 13 years and 100 million sold units later, we have gathered some of that sweet 50/50 hindsight. And while we know all the golden eggs the Wii laid for Nintendo, we also know how things went a bit sideways with the confusingly marketed and abysmally-selling Wii U.

Plus, now the company have recovered with the successful release of the Switch, it pays to look back on the machine that has become known as the shallow system for your granny and her friends.

Since the dust has cleared, what remains is a technical curiosity that holds some true gems, alongside more reasons to by now than ever before.

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