Why You Should Buy A Nintendo Wii In 2019

7. It's Dirt Cheap


For 50 notes you're the owner of a ready-to-go Wii. Probably less if you're willing to do some searching at flea markets or on online. Hell, there's a decent chance there's one sitting in your aunt and uncle's attic they don't mind parting with.

Prices generally range from 20 bucks for the console only, to about 80 for one with all the needed hardware and two sets of controllers. Controllers, cables and other plastic gizmos are quite affordable too, so if you want to use your Wii as a party game machine, it will set you back only 15 pounds to get a good extra controller.

For the price of one full priced game you could be the owner of an entire extra console. Imagine if you'd have bought a new console instead of Fallout 76 or Battlefront 2.

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