Witcher 4: Where The Story Should Go Next

Which Witcher will take the reigns?

Witcher 4 Ciri
CD Projekt RED

While those of us who loved every single moment of the countless hours you can spend in the Witcher video game trilogy, the desire for a new addition to the series is one that is fraught with peril. This is largely because - as studio CD Projekt RED have told us many times - the franchise had always been planned as a trilogy, leaving any potential future games a little more complicated to sort.

But, with the immense popularity of critical acclaim these games have received, it seems inevitable that a fourth is somewhere on the horizon, even if said horizon is far, far away according to the developers.

On the subject, CD Projekt RED President Adam Kinciński stated that the company has already in fact been in work on a potential new instalment, as the team have "been working on a next single-player game already, creating a clear concept that awaits further development." This will take delays before being properly worked on, though, as their current focus is of course on their incoming new title, Cyberpunk 2077.

But it's clear that, whatever this game is, it's certainly taking the IP in a new direction, as Kinciński also reminded us that "I have already said there will be no Witcher 4. I clearly said that Witcher was a trilogy. Simultaneously, we've always emphasised that we want to create Witcher games and the agreement with Mr. Sapkowski (who wrote the novel series) confirms our rights."

As the final game closes on a very definite note (one that mercifully leaves Geralt tucked up nice and cozy somewhere), questions naturally arise as to exactly how a further instalment could continue to showcase us "the Continent" and the wild events that unfold within it. After all, while it's a satisfying conclusion, it's not exactly one that leads the world in perfect harmony, as the ending makes it very clear that the incoming wars brewing will definitely end up having a profound impact regardless of what happens and who wins and loses.

Nothing about Witcher 4 is certain - to the point all we really know is that it won't actually be called Witcher 4, because the creators want to differentiate between the original trilogy and the "new generation". But a mixture of developer interviews, interviews from the original writer of the novel series, and a healthy dose of fan-led hype certainly does suggest the directions the series should go in, even if we can't know if it will just yet.


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