Witcher 4: Where The Story Should Go Next

The Fate of Geralt

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Of course, the first and most crucial topic for the future of the Witcher is whether it will include our favourite witcher, Geralt of Rivia.

With the trilogy containing at least three lifetimes worth of suffering for our poor protagonist, and the ending of the series offering him a final legitimate happy ending, it's hard to see him continuing on in the future of the franchise (the gaming side, anyways, he's still got free reign in the Netflix show).

With the developers having said similar things about the silver-haired scowler, it's very clear that intentions for a further game will not feature Geralt as the playable character we've gotten used to him being, and that his "era", so to speak, has ended.

And, realistically, this is only a good thing: if there's one thing we've learned from The Last of Us 2 it's that, love it or hate it, as a video game character you either only exist for a short while, die tragically, or otherwise stagnate through like seven games until people start to dread seeing you.

We've seen Geralt go through a pretty wonderful adventure (aside from all that death), and tacking on further additions needlessly seems like it may only make the whole thing feel far less purposeful and poignant. He's gone from the ever isolated "Butcher of Blaviken" to a hero, a father (or at least father figure), and a potential long-time partner depending on your ending. It's hard to say goodbye, but it's very much for the best to let the old man finally have some rest - and maybe a bath without our prying little beady eyes on him.

This doesn't mean any evidence of him has to be wiped from the face of the series, though, as chances are we would still get a cheeky cameo out of the warrior, even if it's a strictly easter egg sort of deal.

So, who could possibly usher in the new age of Witcher? Who could possibly match the gruff but loveable White Wolf, both in terms of intrigue and sheer likability? A high bar has been set, as to match the level of fun we saw in the original games, we'd need someone who is both personally interesting and embroiled in the war and political chaos of the world, capable of being a good fighter, and maybe capable of doing a cheeky spot of magic, just to keep things spicy. So who holds up against these fairly strenuous requirements?

Well, there's one very likely candidate, for a whole lot of reasons...


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