WWE 13: 10 Snubbed Superstars Who Should've Been Included

We look at the most disappointing roster absentees for WWE 13...

Of course, WWE 13 is all set to be WWE's biggest video game release to date, and in quite an interesting move, a lot of the game's ever-intriguing interactive elements is being based on the Attitude Era in the game. Now, for those of you who don't remember the the Attitude Era (you must've grown up with the likes of Rico and seen a second-rate NWO incarnation... poor souls) was a period in WWE where €œanything goes€ and it most certainly went. WWE adopted the hardcore trappings of the developing ECW alongside the over the top theatrics of a trying-far-too-hard WCW seamlessly packaging them into a totally neat and accessible package with marketable superstars (as the WWE has always done so well) and a dose of not too pretentious... erm, attitude. A lot of fans of that time will remember it as the period that unapologetically allowed WWE to surge past WCW in the (now) historic wars of Monday night and win that all important ratings battle; the rest as they say, is history with the WCW (and ECW) brands eventually ending up lining the already choc-ful pockets of one Vincent Kennedy McMahon and his iconic band of men. These icons, of course are none other than The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, Mick Foley (don't you just love how Mick always finds a way back in to these?) alongside the likes of Mike Tyson and Chris Jericho... sorry, Why-toooo-Jaayyyaaa! The thing that that is more than a little cool about the WWE's Attitude Era, is that it was never about just a few top guys. Mid-card favourites had a decent angle and it just seemed like everything was much more €œfun€ in a wrestling ring. In fact, we say the Attitude Era was much more about entertainment than anything nowadays, and it was better for it. There are loads of WWE superstars that many people are disappointed not to see in the main roster of this year's WWE 13 game. Even if those superstars are set for upcoming DLC appearances, that doesn't quite cut it, and I'm here to argue that they should have been included in the main roster for release. Here, WhatCulture highlight some of the most obvious, and some of the more obscure choices that should have appeared, including a couple who were relegated to DLC inclusion. I'm not going to be un-realistic, and include people under TNA contract, but I mean who wouldn't want Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy in there? Seriously. What I am going to do is think outside the box.. Bear with me... this is going to be so much fun..!

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