WWE 13: 10 Snubbed Superstars Who Should've Been Included

10. Val Venis

The Big Valbowski was a pretty big deal in the Attitude era, and then underutilised later on as his tenure with WWE came to a head. Winning the intercontinental title and wrestling some of the biggest names in sports entertainment while gyrating about with a towel around his waist was considered pretty cool by many wrestling fans, back in the day. Through the mid-nineties, Val was an intercontinental champion, and a European champion. He was controversial and his matches (particularly those with Goldust and later, his work with Right To Censor) were really entertaining to watch; Venis knew how to work a crowd and (for the most part) fans appreciated him for it. With the inclusion of The Godfather in this year's game, many will be left wondering why Venis didn't make the first round cut. It was announced recently that he's in as Attitude Era DLC (alongside Gangrel and Too Cool...yay!), but we're still annoyed he didn't make it at first cut!
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