WWE 13: 4 Reasons We Can't Wait For Attitude Era Mode

1. The Roster

Arguably more than any pro-wrestling era before or since, the Attitude Era featured a roster of irresistible characters, and though there were comparatively few main eventers for the first years of the era - which were dominated by Stone Cold, The Undertaker, Kane and Mankind - as the era grew and drew more and more attention, those superstars were supplemented by other greats. We saw icons of the sports entertainment cutting their teeth in the ring, and most engagingly of all, we saw the celebration of the anti-hero, when the coolest guys in the room were heels, and when it was good to be bad. And despite the initial announcement by McMahon that said that the Attitude Era was to be a conscious response to the cultural and media-based influences of the time - channeling the realism of the moment - the WWF at the time introduced a supernatural element in those stories focused upon Kane, Mankind and The Undertaker that really celebrated what it was that appealed about those characters. In the past few years, with Mankind gone and The Undertaker all but disappeared from regular service, Kane has been increasingly mistreated, turning from the Big Red Monster into a Big Red Joke, and a return to the Era when the monsters were real is a major appeal of the Mode. On a personal level, the opportunity to play as Mick Foley at the height of his influence and popularity is a huge factor in the game's hype, as is the chance to play as both Stone Cold and The Rock when they basically ruled the sport. You can see a run-down of the entire WWE 13 roster here.
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