WWE 13 Hands On Review: 10 Reasons Why It's Awesome

10. Spectacular Moments

Remember in the trailer, when Mark Henry superplexes The Big Show from the top turnbuckle and the ring falls to pieces under the sheer force of impact? That my friend, is a Spectacular Moment. Activated in the same way as a signature/finisher when certain conditions are met, Spectacular Moments litter the arena in WWE 13. These €˜OMG€™ moments range from the super heavyweight superplex (which results in a TKO for those who were wondering; the match will not continue after the ring is destroyed); to superplexes from the top turnbuckle to the floor outside the ring; spears through the barrier; mid-air finisher counters €“ CM Punk can perform the Go To Sleep for example to counter high-risk manoeuvres - and finishers through the announce table. And that is the tip of the iceberg. These are the moments we pay to see in WWE, and Yuke€™s must be commended for letting them find their way into WWE 13. In the limited hands on time I had, I only got to see a few of these marvellous set-pieces in action but believe me they€™re a unique and thoroughly welcome addition to the THQ WWE Universe and make your time in the ring that much more dynamic.
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