WWE 13 Hands On Review: 10 Reasons Why It's Awesome

9. Attitude Era Awesomeness

While the unfinished build I had access to had only a fraction of the confirmed roster (while the completed roster boasts the largest set of playable superstars to date) I was able to take a few more of these Attitude era badasses and put them through their paces in the ring. The most noteworthy match up for me was an excitable recreation of the Undertaker vs. Mankind Hell in a Cell. And yes, I was able to recreate the events of the fabled 1998 King of the Ring, with a little help from the Spectacular Moments system, which allows for devastating finishers from the top of the demonic structure (worked particularly well with Undertaker in this match-up but will also work with any Superstar you take up there). It€™s been common knowledge for a while now that WWE 13 is set during the Attitude era, but let me tell you, until you witness the entrances for an Austin vs. Mike Tyson match and get to play out what would€™ve happened if they actually went toe-to-toe, the implications of WWE 13€™s awesomeness won't have fully set in. This is what we've all been wishing for people, and in just a few short months THQ are going to grant that wish.
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