WWE 13 Roster: 84 Superstars That Will Be Included

There are 84 slots for THQ to fill and with only a handful fully confirmed, we predict the final cut.

What Culture recently attended THQ€™s summer showcase and we were able to get some hands on grapple time with their upcoming WWE 13. And let me tell you now, it€™s pretty darn good. You can check out our hands on review by clicking here. WWE 12 was a resounding home run for THQ, and to capitalise on the success and renewed interest in the franchise (pre-orders for WWE 13 are over 170% higher than last year€™s release) Yuke€™s have pulled out all the stops in order to bring us what may just be their greatest title yet. This is arguably due to WWE 13's new feature being set in the Attitude era, but we can€™t forget that we€™ve been told to expect a healthy representation of the current era too - meaning that WWE 13 will have the largest roster of playable superstars in the history of the game. The size of this roster can be gleaned from the amount of slots available on the THQ website. There are 84 slots in total, meaning that there€™ll be plenty to do when we finally get to hit the squared circle, 20 feet by 20 feet, come October. There have only been a relative handful of these 84 slots given over to confirmed superstars, meaning many names are still to be announced. We decided to compile our 84 most likely predictions for who we€™ll see when it comes time to layeth the smacketh down in full current-gen glory.
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