WWE 2K15: 10 Steps To Building The Hype

Wwe 2k14 B The upcoming launch of WWE 2K15 this Autumn is already creating a buzz among gaming and wrestling fans. Ironically the WWE itself has been guilty of not generating buzz for previous game launches. Sure, they've done segments of unveiling the cover and wrestlers playing a console backstage ... but is that really the kind of full hearted promoting a launch like this deserves? WWE's efforts are outdated and repetitive, especially when the opportunity exists to tie the game in so much more strongly with the WWE broadcast. This is a company who prides themselves on promoting events and creating storylines, so why can't they come up with anything better than the same old angles to launch their video game titles? Forget rarely featured wrestlers being shown playing the playstation for 30 seconds, WWE should do something far bigger for the launch of WWE 2K15. This latest feature will detail the major creative ideas to link the 2K15 launch with WWE's television product. It should be a part of the major storylines and part of a prominent angle €” and there are several compelling ways to book this. Off the back of this promotional co-operation the WWE video game can be even more successful than last year. Imagine how well it could do with proper time and endorsements invested. There's still a whole host of WWE fans who have never considered picking up the game, an audience waiting to be captured. Vince McMahon and the superstars can make this a must have product for ALL wrestling fans, here's how ...
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