WWE 2K15: 11 Things We Know And Are Excited About

The anticipation is building following a revelatory showing at the E3 video game convention this past week in Los Angeles.

The anticipation is building for the latest WWE video game, following a revelatory showing at the E3 video game convention this past week in Los Angeles. Although the main footage and a hands on play of WWE 2K15 is still some way off, 2K have gave away some fascinating insights. We have learned of a range of new features for the game, in addition to improvements on the graphics and gameplay. There's also some very big news on the WWE legend who 2K will be using to front the game. All these new details will be analysed in this latest feature, offering insight into one of the hottest gaming franchises due for release on Xbox and Playstation consoles. If this past week's selling points and revelations are anything to go off, both gaming and wrestling fans alike are in for an absolute treat. WWE 2K15 improves on what was an already pretty good 2K14 production. The obvious leap is that the franchise will now be available on next generation consoles, supporting slicker graphics and technical step ups. Still, if you are remaining on PS3 and Xbox 360, then there's a whole load of other improvements you'll appreciate too. 2K have taken the successes of their last game and built upon them. The 2014 instalment had mostly positive reviews and was particularly enjoyed for its '30 years of WrestleMania' mode in which gamers could really engage with gameplay and wrestling storytelling. Perhaps what slightly let the previous release down was the computer AI and in some instances the graphics. The actual wrestling didn't feel as fluid as some previous incarnations of the WWE franchise. What measures have 2K taken to correct old issues and ensure WWE 2K15 is absolutely must buy? Read on to find out and leave your comments as to what you're most looking forward toward!
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