WWE 2K16 Ultimate Wishlist: 10 Features It Must Include

WWE and 2K Sports needs to pull one out the bag this year...

The hype and hyperbole surrounding WWE 2K16 is gathering pace. With the game due to be released for all platforms in November, the development phases of the game are now in full swing. In a shocking turn of events, TNA star Low Ki is playing his part in the making of the new game. Known to WWE fans as Kaval, the New Yorker took to Instagram to reveal a slightly cryptic yet blatantly obvious post about how he is paying the bills between TNA tapings. He said: "Meanwhile, on the other side of the start button..." while posing in a motion capture suit with 2K's logo in full sight. This is a slightly puzzling move. One because it is an employee of a rival wrestling company working on WWE's showpiece game and two because of Ki's run while he was employed by Vince McMahon. It wasn't the best, was it? Kaval made his WWE debut under the NXT banner while it was still a cringe-fest of a gameshow and wasn't afforded the sort of run, once he did make it onto the main roster that his talents deserved. Nevertheless, you have the pay the bills somehow. What Low Ki's role is in the motion capture stages of development is somewhat of a mystery. Maybe 2K Sports just needed someone to do the bare basic moves and sequences at this early (ish) stage. He, along with the rest of the WWE and 2K Sports developmental teams, have it all to do to get back in the WWE gaming Universe's good books after 2K15 proved to be more of a disaster than a success. Here's 10 features that would make WWE 2K16 one hell of a game...
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